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Lighting and Design
Interior planning and complete project management

Great lighting is all about creating the perfect ambiance,  highlighting the architecture,  illuminating artwork, shedding light on a task,  and creating a sense of personal aesthetic and style.  If you want to get serious about lighting then...   

                                Put down that paintbrush.   Don't even think about color. 

Before you even think about painting or other design elements, you need to consider the lighting and what you want to illuminate and how you want to use your space.  Almost all lighting projects involve construction (unless you are only replacing fixtures in the same location.)  Some projects may involve getting building approvals and city permits.  
Walls may need to be opened and it can get a bit dusty.  That's why you plan the lighting before the painting-- You don't want to have to paint twice and you'll want to see your new colors in the space that will now be lit differently.

So, if you aren't intimidated and you decide to update your existing lighting, the results can be transformative and spectacular ! 


Urban Steel Design will be with you every step of the way.  And in the end, you will probably use the space as never imagined.  
Whether taking on a project for yourself or resale, investing in good lighting will always increase the value of your space. 


Urban Steel Design invites you to see some results here and welcomes you to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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