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About Urban Steel Design...

Modern and contemporary designs do not have to be cold and sterile.


Since 2006, Urban Steel Design has been creatively blending contemporary lighting style with warmth and functionality.  


Navigating the rapidly changing landscape of incandescent, halogen, CFL's, LED technologies, along with dimming,  and new government regulations regarding energy efficiencies can be daunting and confusing to anyone.


Heck, changing a lightbulb is now even a challenge!   

So how do you properly illuminate your space so that it looks inviting, creates the appropriate mood, casts the appropriate light, and highlights the artwork and architecture?

That's where Urban Steel Design steps in.

We strive to remove the overwhelming confusion that exists in design and fixture options, technology, approvals and renovation.  


We specialize in creative affordable designs and offer a phased approach (if necessary) to meet your budget.  Our services include design, (building and city) approvals, purchasing (passing on trade discounts), contractor negotiations, complete follow-through and total project management.


A designer shouldn't force you into liking something that will make you feel uncomfortable just to please themselves. 


We’ll develop and work with you to arrive at a design and a plan that you are comfortable with.  We’ll take responsibility for as much of the work as you like, while working with your own contractors or ones that we recommend.  Our recommended electricians are familiar with the lighting system installations which can be complicated to those professionals never having used them. 


Taking that first step can be fearful.  We're here to hold your hand and we take that committment very seriously.  

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