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david kass

As a patient listener and an experienced problem solver with a strong attention to detail and follow-through, I have an eye for what’s pleasing and a mind for what’s practical.


I love creating a mood. Designing with lighting and different materials provide the means to accomplish this.


My whimsical side loves to incorporate objects in ways that they weren’t intended to be used. (That’s just the way I’m wired.) And I find it exciting to find that perfect “missing link” for a room or wall design. My eye is always looking for those, and somehow, I always seem to find them.  Actually, it's experience and the knowledge of where to look that helps to accomplishes this, usually in quite an affordable way. 


I am also excited to arrive at functional and adaptable solutions that provide varied uses for the same space. (That's probably from my engineering side). In New York, where space is at a premium, this quality really pays off.  My appreciation for the aesthetics along with my ability to bring things together in a coherent way is what have made my clients return for multiple projects.


Ultimately, the real victory is in making something work for you in a way that you wouldn't have conceived of doing on your own.  As a current Manhattan dweller and upstate New York homeowner, I have been casually doing residential design (interior and exterior) for over 25 years. This includes extensive design and remodeling projects, landscaping, container gardens, assistance on designing in non-professional capacities, and giving home improvement do-it-yourself tutorials.  Though I'm no stranger to getting my hands dirty,  I currently reserve that for the actual contractors and reserve my talents to design, procurement,  project management and problem solving.  And above all else, I treat every project as if it were my own.


For fun, I’ve created a line of custom furniture and fixtures built using plumbing pipe, glass, and granite.  Though I'm not in the business to sell these pieces, you can see these items in the  not-for-sale page.  


I hope you can share this rewarding experience with me and improve your living space at the same time.


David Kass

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