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What people are saying ...


"I didnt realize lighting could do all that.  

Truly the best investment we could have made and it even improved our marriage! "

                                              -SJ & VJ,  New York, NY

"I couldn't be happier that someone recommended David to me when I was looking for a lighting designer and electrician.  

I wanted someone who really knew their stuff, and who would be fun to work with and was extremely creative.  

David turned out to be that person, with the skills to create effective lighting and the wherewithal to get the creation accomplished.  

I've very happy with his work and our choice."

- Danita Geltner, artist, New York, NY


“David was incredibly patient and particularly skilled at navigating the paralysis I often feel with any kind of decorating.

He took the time to truly understand my needs and generated practical solutions that really worked for my budget.”

– Todd Mohrmann, founder Dynamic Training, New York, NY


"David's eye for design is sometimes frightening. Using the simplest tools, it's amazing how he can transform the most

boring space into something incredible; all in a way that didn't break the bank. He also has the oldest dog I have ever met."

- Jill Malouf, Founder, People Places & Things Photography, NY


"I met David over 20 years ago and have always known him to have an eye for design and detail. I have watched him

transform a very dated English Tudor into a very intriguing and eclectic eye-catching home, with use of steel, marble, faux

wall finishes, leather and art work. I know he can transform a NYC loft into a master piece."

- Anita Wemple, Project Manager, Albany NY


"Relentlessly thorough… he doesn't settle for the ordinary or easy solution.

David is inventive and finds creative uses for everyday items. And, he can work on a budget."

- Debra Orenstein, Attorney, formerly New York, NY


“A true dedicated professional who is detail oriented and has a passion for perfection and excellence. I’ve seen the way

he attends to the specific needs of his clients and follows through with all his projects to completion. I highly recommend him.”

– Anthony Carpinelli, Director, Human Resources, Warwick Hotels, New York, NY


"David is the quintessential problem resolver - He can think outside the box, inside the box, whatever it takes to develop a

creative solution for any unique design conundrum. With a finger on the pulse of today’s style and a knowledge of

time-tested treatments, David can make your space – and your money – work for you.

–Joe Caruso, New York, NY



“David has an amazing vision for transforming space. He completely redesigned my home office,

and now it's the most impressive room in the apartment. I couldn't be happier!”

– SR, New York, NY


“David pursues his projects with a ferocious talent and attention to detail! He is both diligent and considerate, an

outstanding combination for a personal designer. I recommend him highly!”

- Christopher Pierce, Visual Artist, New York, NY


“Even at a very young age, David’s talents came through when he expressed his displeasure for his bedroom furniture and

decided to construct new pieces on his own. But if he was as neat then as he is now, we wouldn’t have had to punish him so much.”

– David’s parents, Brooklyn, NY

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