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How the job gets done...

It begins with the consultation to understand what is needed, what objects need to be illuminated, what areas need to be lit and how the space will be used.  The constraints of the project should be understood here along with the building approval requirements.


A preliminary plan is presented and discussed along with a project estimate for design, fixture costs and the costs for installation and construction. Urban Steel Design  will propose a scope of work with fixed rate pricing, not hourly.


The iterative process begins to hone in on the budget and what is needed.  


Now the building approval process begins.   If city filing is necessary, this will also be handled.


Fixtures and lighting systems are ordered as well as materials for the job. Urban Steel Design will handle the specifications and procurement and inspect deliveries.  Purchasing via internet, showroom visits and in-home visits from vendors, if need be, can occur.  If upon delivery there are mis-shipments, missing components, or broken-in-transit items, they will all be dealt with.  


Once all the materials and fixtures are onsite and all necessary approvals are in place,  the installation process begins.  




Get lighting wrong,  - either overdo it or underdo it - and the results can be glaring and costly.

Construction day begins with the actual protecting of your property.

Floors are covered and furniture is draped.  


All project management from start to finish is under the strict standards of Urban Steel Design.  


Interim payments at agreed upon intervals are made.  Final payment is not obtained until all work is complete and you are 100% satisfied.


And now you have years of enjoyment appreciating what illumination and good lighting can do for you!




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